Alpha 0.11

Second release is now live! A lot of bug fixes that you guys reported. Not all of them some are still in the works.
Here are the Dev-notes:
Able to move cops bodies
No more collecting trash next to police or shop employees
Janitor job system doesnt cash out non stop
scrolling distances locked when moving item away and towards you

F Key is now the action key to interact with items
You can equip a pistol and fire with left mouse button. Also added sound
Added penalties for not keeping stats up
If you don't use the toilet you shit yourself which gives you a bounty. Interact with toilets to use them.
Added Mini Map
Damage causes red flash
player death causes a fade out and respawn
Also added a how to play button in menu giving you control layout and game concept


Vacation Station Alpha 0.11 Installer
Aug 19, 2017

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